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Counting down to your Big Day

Calling all Brides-to-be, here are some tips and suggestions for your preparation to your actual wedding day!

As a makeup artist and helping countless Brides look their best on their actual wedding day, I have gained many interesting tips from brides and observations on the actual day and I am going share with you some in this blog.

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One Month Before

Makeup Trial

Make an appointment with your shortlisted makeup artists for a trial.

During the trial, its the time for you to share with the makeup artist what you like and for you to assess if you are comfortable with the makeup artist and his/her styles.

Do wear your preferred colour contact lens for the trial if you are planning to wear for your wedding day as the lens will affect the makeup looks.

Try to wear a plain white top for better visualization.

One Week Before

The Hens Party

You want to reward your bridesmaid before your wedding day as well as celebrate and pamper yourself. You may try a pampering group spa and a hot night out partying or a makeover photoshoot for the whole gang. Need help with ideas and planning of the Bachelorette Party? You could also consider a party planner like partyincrime to create a half day event for your sisters.

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A few days before

Prepare a bride kit. What are the things to be included in this kit?

a. Makeup Touch-up kit - to touch up your makeup. You can consult your makeup artist on what to include in the kit. Here's a post where I suggest what you may prepare.

b. Water bottle with straw - ensure to keep yourself hydrated and to keep your lipstick in place

c. Snacks - Keep a packet of dry fruits and nuts in case you feel hungry as it's going to be a long day to be travelling to different venues and photo shooting.

d. Others - Safety pins, Wet wipes, tissues, black pins, eye drop, plaster, sweets/mints.

Last but not least - Take a deep breath & you are all set!


Calling all Brides-to-be!

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