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5 Essential Makeup Brushes for everyday makeup

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Wondering how to use makeup brushes and what each are use for?

In this blog, I'm going to share with you the basic Essential Makeup brushes you need to get started.

Synthetic Flat Brush

It can be used as a foundation brush as well as a concealer brush. As it's make from synthetic brush, therefore it's good for wet makeup product application like foundation, concealer, cream base.

Tips: It can also be used as a powder brush to set your foundation.

Check out the video below in how to use it as a powder brush to set your foundation:

Medium Powder Brush

It can be use as a powder brush to set your makeup or as a blusher brush for blush application. It's multi-task and can be used to contour your face to apply highlighter and bronzer.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

It's a fluff brush that can be used to blend your eyeshadow as well as to highlight your brow bone with a lighter or shimmery shade. It's a very important brush to ensure that your eyeshadow are well blended and fade off nicely without harsh lines.

Round Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is use for medium to deep eyeshadow application. As it's stiffer, it's able to deposit more pigment and good to create a smokey effect. Check out the video clip on application.

Angle Brush

This is also a multi-tasker that can be use as a Gel-eyeliner brush as well as an eyebrow brush. It's also normally made from synthetic brush as we use it for liquid/ gel eyeliner or any precise line. It's also used to blend the eyebrow to prevent harsh line so your eyebrows look natural and not fierce looking.

Tips: Eyebrow should start from light to dark. The ends of the brows should be darker and fade off lighter to the front part of your brows. The Angle brush would be able to help you perform this trick.

Check out the Full Makeup Tutorial video on my Youtube channel.

Tips before using any makeup brush:

Always use a brush cleaner to clean the brush before use. Try Sephora Brush cleaner.

Simply spray the cleaner on your brush and brush on a dry tissue. It's normal that there are some hair fall out especially for hand-made brush with natural hair (animal hair).

For used brush, you might want to use a wet tissue instead till all the colours / dirt are removed follow by a rinse with water. I like to use a shampoo or shower gel to wash it so it smell nice and fresh.

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